3:45 Saturday Class and 1:00 Sunday Class homework due 01/26 and 01/27

Please complete section nine in the critical reading test. Also, please complete the short answer questions. Finally, please learn the following vocabulary words- 1. sanguine- optimistic 2. terrestrial- relating to land 3. veneer- a deceptively attactive appearance 4. timorous- timid 5. goad- to urge 6. umbrage- anger 7. resentment 8. vim- energy 9. voluptuary- someone devoted to sensory pleasue 10. agoraphobia- fear of open or public places 11. impartial- neutral 12. malaise- feeling of uneasiness 13. sedition- treason 14. undulate- to move in a smooth wave-like motion 15. volition- a conscious choice 16. revel- to enjoy 17. daft- foolish 18. abrogate- to abolish, often by authority 19. gape- to stare open-mouthed 20. winsome- attractive. Please study these words at- www.quizlet.com. Please search mcmaster SAT vocabulary set 9.