11:20 Sunday Class homework due 01/20

Please complete the grammar packet. Also, please learn the following vocabulary words- 1. Adroit- skillful 2. Ameliorate- improve 3. Blasphemous- grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred 4. Blithe- carefree 5. Ephemeral- momentary, fleeting 6. Incite- provoke or stir up 7. Lofty- having or displaying great dignity 8. Ominous- threatening or foreshadowing evil 9. Parochial- narrowly restricted in outlook 10. Prodigious- great in size 11. Relegate- assign to a lower position 12. Rhetorical- concerned with effect of style of writing and speaking 13. Scrupulous- characterized by extreme care and great effort 14. Shrewd- marked by practical, hardheaded intelligence 15. Sycophant- a flatterer 16. Tirade- a speech of violent denunciation 17. Venerate- regard with feelings of respect and reverence 18. Vigor- active strength of body or mind 19. Whimsical- unpredictable 20. Wither- lose freshness. Please use www.quizlet.com. You will study McMaster SAT vocabulary set 10.