10:30 Saturday Class homework due 01/12

Please complete the tone packet. Also, learn the following vocabulary words-
      1. Brevity (adj) quality of being succinct 2. Astute (adj) shrewd, keen 3. Inscrutable (adj) beyond comprehension or examination 4. Emollient (n) a substance that softens 5. Dupe (n) one who is easily deceived 6. Recalcitrant (adj) stubbornly rebellious 7. Forgo (v) to give something up 8. Jettison (v) to throw overboard 9. Flagrant (agj) offensively bad 10. Static (adj) stationary 11. Moratorium (n) postponement 12. Ebb (v) to decrease or decline slowly 13. Fetter (v) to tie up 14. Bulwark (n) a strong defense 15. Efficacious (adj) capable of producing a desired effect 16. Adjunct (n) something attached to but holding an inferior position 17. Bevy (n) large group 18. Chagrin (n) disappointment 19. Cull (v) reject 20. Lupine (adj) like a wolf.