9:00 Sunday Class homework due 12/16

Please write a modern day King Arthur legend. Please complete section ten of the grammar packet. Please learn the vocabulary words- 1. Salvage (verb) to save from wreck or ruin 2. Secrete (verb) to emit; to hide 3. Tactile (adjective) relating to the sense of touch 4. Unstinting (adjective) giving freely and generously 5. Variegated (adjective) spotted with different colors 6. Vestige (noun) a trace or remainder 7. Amicable (adjective) friendly, peaceable 8. Atypical (adjective) unusual 9. Circuitous (adjective) winding or indirect 10. Culpable (adjective) guilty 11. Disparage (verb) to speak disrespectfully about someone or something 12. Durable (adjective) long-lasting 13. Emulate (verb) to imitate or copy 14. Exemplary (adjective) worthy to serve as a model 15. Feral (adjective) wild 16. Felicitous (adjective) pleasing, fortunate 17. Frugal (adjective) spending little 18. Hierarchy (noun) a ranking of people, things, or ideas from the highest to the lowest 19. Idolatry (noun) the worship of a person, thing, or institution as a god 20. Insurgency (noun) uprising, rebellion 21. Juxtapose (verb) to place side by side. Please use www.quizlet.com to practice the words- McMaster SAT set 6.