5:30 Sunday Class homework due 01/06

Please read! Please learn the following vocabulary words- 1. Acquiesce (v)- agree without protest 2. Deleterious (adj)-harmful, damaging 3. Ecstasy (n)-joy, happiness 4. Enamored (v) smitten 5. Shroud (v) hide 6. Inevitably (adv) certainly 7. Tortuous (adj) difficult 8. Conversely (adv) opposite 9. Synchronously (adv) concurrently 10. Intuit (v) infer 11. Tranquility (n) calm 12. Proximity (n) nearness ; closeness in relation 13. Reticence (n) silence 14. Infatuation (n) obsession 15. Amorous (adj) love 16. Delirium (n) confusion 17. Inimitably (adv) uniquely 18. Shroud (n) blanket 19. Futile (adj) useless 20. Interminable (adj) endless. You can practice these words at www.quizlet.com- just search McMaster SAT vocabulary set 7. Finally, please write an essay on one of the following topics-
  1. SAT Essay Prompt #1: To what extent should people be concerned about people in their own countries vs. people in other countries?
  2. SAT Essay Prompt #2: When people excel in something, does their success benefit everybody?
  3. SAT Essay Prompt #3: Is it more important to study history than the present?
  4. SAT Essay Prompt #4: Is creativity important?