3:45 Saturday Class and 1:00 Sunday Class homework due 12/8 and 12/9

Please complete section ten in the grammar test. Please complete a persuasive essay on the following topic-


“To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.”
-Bertrand and Russell


Is happiness always associated with taking? Do needs guide our joy or can a person lacking some of the things he longs for be happy? Explain the beauty of longing for something and the will it gives to a person to move on and strive for it; living life to the fullest while doing so.

Also, please learn the vocabulary words- abut- to touch; to rest on or against, abyss- a bottomless pit; anything infinite, bard- a poet, bivouac- a temporary shelter, burgeon- to florish; to grow quickly, cabal- a small secret group, celerity- speed; swiftness, dally- to waste time, dysphasia- difficulty in speaking, extort- to obtain by force, facile- easy or effortless, irksome- annoying, jilt- to reject, ire- anger, lax- careless, mangy- shabby or filthy, ornithology- the study of birds, pseudo- false or counterfeit, spry- full of life or active. Please use www.quizlet.com to study- McMaster SAT set 5.