5:30 Sunday Class homework due 12/02

Please complete the critical reading packet. Also, please write an essay on the following prompt- What is your view of the claim that the greatest pain we encounter is that which we cause ourselves? Finally, please learn the vocabulary words- 1. malice (noun) extreme ill will 2. wan (adjective) pale 3. blatant (adjective) obvious 4. deter (verb) discourage 5. oath (noun) vow 6. contemporary (adjective) modern 7. ardor (noun) passion 8. apparatus (noun) device 9. hoax (noun) something intended to deceive 10. ostracize (verb) exclude 11. peruse (verb) read 12. elucidate (verb) to make clear 13. mendicant (noun) beggar 14. haughty (adjective) arrogant 15. smite (verb) strike 16. dormant (adjective) inactive 17. incite (verb) provoke 18. zenith (noun) highest point 19. jovial (adjective) happy 20. lexicon (noun) dictionary 21. chaff (noun) waste 22. pernicious (adjective) exceedingly harmful 23. minutiae (adjective) small or trivial details 24. prehensile (adjective) grasping 25. repugnant (adjective) offensive to the mind 26. taciturn (adjective) not talkative 27. abjure (verb) to formally reject 28. meager (adjective) deficient in amount 29. morose (adjective) gloomy 30. raze (verb) tear down. Please use www.quizlet.com to help you learn the words. This set is called McMaster SSAT Vocabulary set 2.