10:30 Saturday Class homework due 11/10

Please finish writing your fairy tale. Please be sure to include at least ten literary devices, vocabulary words, and details. Also, please make sure it is at least two hundred and fifty words. Please learn the following vocabulary words- ardent (adjective) full of passion, avid (adjective) showing enthusiasm, fawning (adjective) gaining the favor of another, delectable (adjective) delicious, ravenous (adjective) very hungry, clamor (noun) unpleasant sound, euphony (noun) pleasant sound, imprudent (adjective) careless, impudent (adjective) rude, saturate (verb) to wet completely, surpass (verb) to be better than, tentative (adjective) hesitant, recount (verb) to tell a story, replete (adjective) filled up, delusion (noun) a false opinion or belief, arid (adjective) dry, wary (adjective) careful, stagnant (adjective) lacking movement, iniquitous (adjective) wicked, prattle (verb) to speak on and on in a silly manner. You can also find these words on www.quizlet.com. Just search for mcmaster SAT vocabulary set 3.