1:00 Saturday Class homework due 11/17

Please complete a narrative essay on the following topic- write about a time in your life that you did something that was hard eventhough it was the right thing to do. Also, please learn the vocabulary words-
       1. Abrasive-adj-irritating, grinding, rough 2. Adversary-noun-an enemy or opponent 3. Amplify- verb- to enlarge, expand, or increase 4. Bereft-adj- lacking or deprived of something 5. Candor- noun- openness 6. Consternation-noun- shock, amazement, dismay 7. Derelict- adj- neglecting one’s duty 8. Diminutive-adj- tiny 9. Diverge- verb- to move in different directions 10. Dubious- adj-doubtful, uncertain 11. Eminent- adj- noteworthy, famous 12. Enthrall- verb- to enchant or charm 13. Expertise- noun- skill, mastery 14. Iconoclast- noun- one who attacks traditional beliefs or traditions 15. Impeccable- adj- flawless 16. Jeopardize- verb- to put in danger 17. Mercurial- adj- changing quickly and unpredictably 18. Obstinate- adj- stubborn 19. Placate- verb- to soothe or please 20. Resilient-adj- able to recover from difficulty.
The words can also be found at www.quizlet.com. Please search for McMaster Vocabulary Set 4.