6:45 Sunday Class homework due 10/14

Please finish writing your narrative. Also, please learn the vocabulary words-
    1. Vacillate- to swing from one course of action or opinion to another 2. Lassitude- torpor, fatigue 3. Garrulous- talkative, loquacious 4. Myriad- an extremely large amount or number 5. Noxious- physical or mentally destructive; harmful to humans 6. Accost- to approach and speak boldly or aggressively 7. Beatific- displaying or imparting joy 8. Nuance- subtle variation in color 9. Quagmire- a difficult situation 10. Somber- dark, dull, gloomy, serious 11. Unawares- by surprise, unexpectedly 12. Suffrage- the right to vote 13. Cloister- a tranquil secluded place 14. Docile- easily taught, yielding to supervision 15. Surfeit- an excess amount 16. Incongruous- not fitting in 17. Aloof- distant, reserved in manner, emotionally distant 18. Harrowing- distressing, disturbing 19. Chronic- continuing for a long time; continuous 20. Accentuate- to stress; emphasize.