5:30 Sunday Class homework due 10/21

Please complete section ten of the grammar test. Please complete an essay on the following prompt- Do you believe that people need to keep secrets, or do you believe that secrecy is harmful? Please learn the new vocabulary words- 1. truncate- to shorten 2. baneful- causing woe 3. circumspect- cautious 4. admonish- warn 5. tantamount- of equal value or significance 6. neologism- a new word or phrase or a new usage of a word 7. capitulate- to surrender; to give up or give in 8. aphorism- a concise statement of truth 9. confute- to prove wrong 10. entice- to lure 11. indolent- lazy 12. perfunctory- unenthusiastic, careless 13. vapid- without liveliness, dull 14. visage- a face or facial expression 15. slovenly- messy 16. stolid- showing little emotion of pain 17. taciturn- untalkative by nature 18. egregious- extremely bad 19. dexterous- skillful in use of hands and body 20. respite- a period of rest.