10:30 Saturday Class homework due 09/22

Please read chapters five and six of Alice in Wonderland- http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rgs/alice-table.html. Also please learn the vocabulary words-
foible- weakness, flaw in character
lacerate- to rip, tear, maul 
harangue- mean, nasty, angry speech
exact- to demand of/from
abash- to embarrass
tact- skill in dealing with people in difficult situations
uncouth- crude; unrefined, awkward
fetish- an obsessive attachment/preoccupation
phobia- an illogical, persistent fear
masticate- to chew
laconic- to saying much; brief or concise
malevolent- wishing evil on others
meander- to wander around aimlessly
apex- tip; peak; highest point
nadir- absolute lowest point
disseminate- to dispense or distribute
emaciate- excessively thin; weak
puissant- powerful, mighty
citadel- a fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold
atrophy- to wither away