10:30 Saturday Class homework due 09/15

Please read chapters three and four of Alice in Wonderland- http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rgs/alice-table.html. Also, please learn the vocabulary words for this week- animosity-hatred, largess-generous giving, prodigal-wasteful, debacle-a failure or breakdown, quandary-a dilemma, carp-to find fault,  aloof-uninterested, stolid-lacking emotion, lassitude-a tired feeling, toady-flatterer, din-an ongoing loud sound, eulogize-to praise, alimentary-relating to food and nourishment, gingerly-very carefully, nomadic-wondering, novel-new, virtuoso-a highly skilled performer, erudite-wise due to much reading, acrid-bitter, harsh, bolster-support.