1:00 Saturday Class homework due 10/06

Please complete section three of the critical reading test. Please learn the vocabulary words- 1. connoisseur- an expert; particularly in matters of art and taste 2. asunder- in separate parts; apart from each other in position 3. raze- to tear down; demolish to the ground 4. blight- ruin, destroy 5. aghast- horrified 6. milieu- environment or surrounding 7. arduous- hard, difficult, tiresome 8. coterie- a circle of close associates or friends; inner circle 9. awry- twisted; crooked; wrong; askew; out of whack 10. table- to remove from consideration or postpone 11. harried- to be troubled or bothered 12. irascible- easily angered; irritable 13. congenial- pleasant to be around; sociable; agreeable 14. boisterous- rowdy 15. chimerical- bizarre 16. vertigo- the sensation of dizziness, disoriented; confusion 17. fallacious- false; wrong; incorrect 18. impasse- dead end 19. zeal- enthusiasm 20. berate- to scold severely.