What is the McMaster Curriculum?


The McMaster Curriculum was created for the top students to reach their absolute best. It is a structured and rigorous program wrapped in an exciting atmosphere. It covers all aspects of Language Arts: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Essay Writing. All of the students' work is graded with perfection in mind. Want a 1600 on the Language Arts section of the SAT? It works for that. Want a perfect score on the writing exam? It works for that. Want to be at the top of your class? Yep, it works for that as well. We are so confident in our curriculum that we allow all students to have their first class free of charge.

Our Story

In 2010, Kirsten and Daniel McMaster, the husband and wife team who originally created McMaster Tutoring, dreamed of starting a Language Arts tutoring center. At that time, Kirsten was delivering the absolute best education at a top ranked high school and for a local tutoring center. As she watched the mainly math center grow in leaps and bounds, it occurred to her there was no equivalent for Language Arts in the area. Being a natural athlete, coach, leader, and teacher, Kirsten knew she had to open a tutoring center. It could not be like the factory tutoring centers found around town, but one that delivered top education for the top students. Soon the first motto of McMaster Tutoring was born, "Where the Smart Kid Grows." Over the next several years, a Language Arts powerhouse was built. Since its conception, McMaster Tutoring has had numerous perfect scores on the Language Arts section of the SAT and ACT, Exceeds on Georgia Milestones has become the standard for our students, Essay writing has become a breeze, and local area schools have seen a spike in their Talented and Gifted programs.