11:20 Sunday Class homework due 11/04

Please complete a rough and a final draft for your story about our nature walk. Also, please learn the new vocabulary words- 1. eloquent- fluent in speech 2. peripatetic- wandering from place to place 3. immoral- lacking morals or not conforming to accepted standards of right and wrong 4. propensity- a tendency; an inclination 5. anthropology- the study of humankind 6. abject- miserable 7. subconscious- occurring in the mind but beyond conscious awareness 8. placid- calm 9. tractable- easily managed 10. convocation- a meeting or assembly 11. tenacity- persistence 12. apocryphal- of doubtful authenticity 13. soliloquy- a speech to oneself 14. paramount- of extreme importance 15. incisive- clear in expression 16. denigrate- to speak poorly of 17. exculpate- free from blame 18. antipathy- strong feeling against 19. impulsive- acting without forethought 20. obsequious- overly submissive. These words can also be found on www.quizlet.com. Please search- McMaster SAT Vocabulary once on the website.