10:30 Saturday Class homework due 09/29

Please read Alice in Wonderland to the end of chapter seven. Also, please write the final draft of your persuasive essay. Finally, please learn the vocabulary words- 
ornate- elaborately or excessively decorated
austere- stern in manner, severely simple and plain
cerebral- of or relating to the brain
incommodious- lacking space; uncomfortable
cacophony- harsh, disturbing noise
noisome- offensive; disgusting
verbatim- word for word
veritable- unquestionable; actual; true
concurrent- at the same time
evade- to avoid by cunning; to flee
fraught- teeming with; causing emotional distress
impede- to obstruct the progress of; to delay
wane- to decrease slowly
oust- to eject
temerity- recklessness, disregard for danger
askew- to one side; crooked
queue- to wait in line
accolade- award
torrid- parched by the sun, hot, burning
trepidation- fear, state of anxiety or fear that makes you tremble