9:00 Sunday Class homework due 08/19

Please complete the grammar packet and learn the vocabulary words-abscond (to depart suddenly and secretly), abstruse (dealing with matters difficult to understand), berth (a bunk or bed in a vessel or sleeping car), blaze (a vivid glowing flame), clement (compassionate), concur (agree), debonair (having a courteous manner), defer (to delay or put off), elucidate (to make clear), fealty (loyalty), gambol (playful), gossamer (flimsy), heedless (thoughtless), imbibe (to drink or take in), lave (to wash or bathe), minutia (a small or unimportant detail), paroxysm (a sudden outburst of activity), rankle (to produce irritation), sapient (possessing wisdom), vivify (to endue with life). Finally, please read every chance you get.