5:30 Sunday Class homework due 09/09

Please complete an essay on the following prompt-
“Tough challenges reveal our strengths and weaknesses.” This statement is certainly true; adversity
helps us discover who we are. Hardships can often lead us to examine who we are and to question
what is important in life. In fact, people who have experienced seriously adverse events frequently
report that they were positively changed by their negative experiences.
Do you think that ease does not challenge us and that we need adversity to help us discover who we are? Source: The Official SAT Study Guide, The College Board, 2009

Please learn the following vocabulary words- animosity-hatred, largess-generous giving, prodigal-wasteful, debacle-a failure or breakdown, quandary-a dilemma, carp-to find fault,  aloof-uninterested, stolid-lacking emotion, lassitude-a tired feeling, toady-flatterer, din-an ongoing loud sound, eulogize-to praise, alimentary-relating to food and nourishment, gingerly-very carefully, nomadic-wondering, novel-new, virtuoso-a highly skilled performer, erudite-wise due to much reading, acrid-bitter, harsh, bolster-support.

Read Frankenstein and complete the questions to the end of chapter eight.